We are in the Takeout Business

We believe the BEST way for you "our beloved customer and friend"

to enjoy our food is to pick it up yourself and drive it to your location.


We also know that many people want the convenience of delivery.



Before you order delivery from us

We want you to know the following information


We use a local company called CHOMP

for Third Party Delivery

CHOMP may add menu price surcharges and delivery fees to our menu items. 

When you order from CHOMP you are a CHOMP customer.

While we like the folks from CHOMP

and believe they are the best third party delivery option in the market

we have ZERO control over them or their drivers.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee or be responsible for your order

or their service after it leaves our hands. 

If you do want to have your order delivered

Just click this link and it will take you to the Lip City Pizza 

order page on the CHOMP website.


May the force be with you. 

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