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The Catering Experts

Serving Iowa City since 2007

We cater all types of events, casual parties, team meals, corporate events, tailgates, graduations and weddings.

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3 Levels of Service

  1. Pick UpYour hot food will be packaged in sturdy to-go containers, sealed inside heavy-duty cardboard boxes that hold the heat for 60-90 minutes.

  2. Delivery - We will deliver to your location (schedule permitting) and help you set up on your tables.

  3. Full Service - We provide chafing dishes and Sterno. We will attend the buffet, help serve your guests, and clean up our stuff after the event. (download catering menu for details)

Catering Request Form

Fill out the form to get the process started. We will call you back within 24 hours.

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Chicken Lips

What the heck is a Chicken Lip..?


Our World Famous Chicken Lips are made with voluptous chicken breast strips, rolled in flour and butteriest milk, they are fried and dunked in Spicy Lip Sauce (think the best boneless Buffalo wings you will ever have) Lips are served with homemade Budweiser Blue Cheese Dressing or Ranch if you prefer. 

We recommend 2-4 lips per person depending on how much other stuff you are serving. 

Lips Rule!


Graze Pizza

Graze Pizza is "Soft & Crispy and Light as Air".

Our hand tossed 16" New York Style Pizza is made with an all natural Sourdough Starter. It takes 5 days for our pizza dough to ferment and develop its fabulous flavor.... 

We use Baccio premium mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes and toppings are sourced from local farmers.


We are on an epic quest to make the best pizza possible.

Street Taco Fiesta Package.png

Mexican Fiesta

It's a Fresh Build Your Own Taco Bar with GREAT sides.


Your choice of Pork Carnitas, Chicken Al Pastor or Gingo Chicken, served with generous portions of Mexican Stir Fried Rice, Street Corn, fresh house made Corn Tortillas, Flour Tortillas and our fresh Salsa Roja, Verde and El Madre, with sour cream and jack cheddar cheese. 


It's Fun and Way Better than another cold sandwich... 


Chicken Lip Extravaganza

Our Most Popular Menu Choice

Three Chicken Lips per person, huge portions of Mac & Cheese and DimSum Green Beans, served with extra Lip Sauce, Ranch and Budweiser Blue Cheese Dressing.

This is the best value catering package in town!

Italian Package.jpg

 The Italian Package

​You get 2 Chicken Parmesan per person, plus large portions of Pasta (Marinara or Alfredo) and Caesar Salad. 

These simple Italian American Classic Recipes are sure to be a big hit with your gang.

Most people add our fabulous Italian Meatballs,  Pizza or Cheesy Bread to make this a feast to be remembered. 

Now... That's Amore!

catering setup.jpg

The Grazing Feast

This is the Mac Daddy!

Chicken Lips, Mac & Cheese, DimSum Green Beans,  Pork Carnitas, Chicken Al Pastor, Mexican Fried Rice, Corn Esquites, Fresh Corn and Flour Tortillas and Graze Pizza with all the trimmings.

This INCREDIBLE Feast will blow their minds!


Floyd of Rosedale

Who said catering had to be boring...


We would love to bring a Smoked Pig to your next shindig

WOW... wouldn't that be fun...!!

More Delicious Ideas:

Ext for ONE.jpg

Extravaganza for One

The Chicken Lip Extravaganza for ONE


Packaged in sturdy individual containers

Perfect for the group on the go...

Three Chicken Lips plus a generous helping of Mac & Cheese and DimSum Green Beans, served with Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing on the side. 

Imagine the excitement, when you show up with a box full of these beauties.

Chicken Dinner.png

Grilled Chicken Dinner

This Individual Meal is perfect for the team on the move...

Two grilled chicken thighs with veggie rice and fresh broccoli... served with our delicious Smokey Hawk Sauce on the side for dunking. 

The Power Lunch... Light, nutritious and delicious.

Chicken Parm.jpeg

Chicken Parmesan

Individual meals... Perfect for the team on the move...

Two Chicken Parmesan with our delicious Cheesy Bread and your choice of pasta (Marinara or Alfredo).

Served with extra marinara sauce on the side. 

This is a sure hit for every taste. 

Grilled Chicken Thigh.jpeg

Grilled Chicken

We LOVE boneless, skinless chicken thighs because they taste great and stay moist and juicy for a long time which makes them perfect for catering. 

We serve them three ways: Beer Marinade, Italian or Simple Salt & Pepper.

We recommend 2 thighs per person plus sides. 

Stuffed Tacos for One copy.jpg

Stuffed Tacos

This Graze Original 

One house made corn tortilla and one flour tortilla stuffed with jack & cheddar cheese - filled with your choice of 

(pork carnitas, chicken al pastor or gringo chicken thigh)

Stuffed Tacos are served with Mexican Stir Fried Rice, Street Corn - Salsa Roja and fresh lime

Fresh, Vibrant Flavors - your team will Love!


Bronzed Salmon

This is our favorite way to cook fish!


We dip it in butter, then season it with the Food Guru's Seafood Spice and sear it on an HOT griddle to create a delicious crust... and serve it with (Tomato Dill Beurre Blanc or Smokey Hank Sauce). Wow!

This makes a great second entree... for the fish lovers! 

Shrimp Cock 4x4ps.jpg

Giant Shrimp Cocktail

When you want to - Make a BIG Statement!


Whip this on your people and watch them go Wild!


Who said catering had to be another cold sandwiches... 

Two pounds of Giant Shrimp serves 16-20 people. 

Add a Side or Two:

Mac & Cheese_edited.jpg

Mac & Cheese

Graze Mac & Cheese is made with elbow noodles and lots of cheese sauce.  Our homemade sauce is made with Colby, Jack, Swiss, Cheddar, American and Parmesan cheeses, with lots of cream and secret spices. 

One jumbo Mac & Cheese serves 10-15  people. 

Dim Sum Green Beans_edited.jpg

DimSum Green Beans

DimSum Green Beans are so good - even little kids love them. They are a great way to get people to eat their veggies. 


We start with FRESH green beans and flash fry them for 10-seconds until they just start to shrivel. Then, we toss them in our delicious DimSum Sauce which is made with soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, green onions and sesame seeds. 


Our jumbo Green Bean serves 10-15 people.

Veggie Fried Rice.jpg

Veggie Stir Fried Rice

Everybody LOVES Fried Rice... Especially us. 

So we decided to make a Gluten Free Vegetable Fried Rice that is packed with protein - AND is perfect for everybody - even Vegans. 

Our Veggie Fried Rice is made with Jasmine long grain rice, green peas, carrots, black beans, garbanzo beans, corn, red peppers, olive oil, (gluten free soy sauce), garlic and ginger. 


One jumbo Fried Rice served 10-15  people. 

Street Corn in a Cup.png

Street Corn

This is VERY Popular..!


Steamed corn with mayo, Cojita cheese, Tajin and fresh lime... 

One jumbo package served approx 15  people depending on how many other items you have. 



Quinoa, grape tomatoes, cucumber and scallions

plus green gordal olives and black kalamata olives 

tossed with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh mint, basil 

and parsley.  


If you are looking for something light to add to your catering that is perfect for vegans and vegetarians, this is it.

Our jumbo Tabouleh serves 4-6 salad eaters as an entree

or 15 - 20 people as a side item. 

The Med Salad.jpg

The Graze Salad

This Delicious Salad is composed of romaine and mixed greens with grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and gordal olives and garbanzo beans served with a fabulous Parisian Vinaigrette that just happens to be gluten free and vegan... 

You will love it and so will your guests!

Premium Events:

Cheese Table wed site 2.26.23 art.jpg

Fruit - Cheese & Charcuterie

Our Beautiful Cheese & Fruit Displays make the perfect appetizer and they are also a great way to make a bold statement... 

Your guests will be Amazed..!!


Wedding Buffet.jpg

Up-Scale Events

We have catered many prestigious weddings and formal affairs... We have a License to cater Beer, Wine & Cocktails. 


When it is Really IMPORTANT...

and It's Gotta Be Great...

Graze Gourmet To-Go.

The Catering Experts.

Don't Forget Dessert:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everybody LOVE'S Chocolate Chip Cookies...

And your people will love YOU even more for thinking about their sweet tooth. 

The perfect thing for the "Cookie Monster" in all of us.


Hippy Cookies

Our homemade Hippy Cookies are loaded with chocolate chips,  peanut butter chips, pecans, pretzel twists (yes you read that correctly) and shredded coconut. 


They are the perfect blend of  "Salty- Sweet"  and "Chewy-Crunchy".  


And - No... You don't have to be a Hippy to enjoy our Ganja Free Hippy Cookies... 


Creme Brûlée

America's Favorite Dessert!

French Vanilla Custard, torched right before you arrive. Light and delicious, the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

You know they really, really want some... 



Our Triple Chocolate Brownies are are a delicious way to finish a meal and say - Thank You!

Perfect for the chocolate lovers in your group!

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