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Great Cook / Chef

What if you could come to work every day and just cook?

No hassles, No headaches - just Great Food.

  • Are you sick of being on salary and working 6 or 7 days every week for an ungrateful boss?

  • Are you sick of trying to hire and train and manage people who just don't "get it" or care about - Great Food?

  • Do you want to work with "like minded" professionals who are into cooking - GREAT food?

We opened Graze Gourmet To-Go because we LOVE the dance of a great kitchen without the Drama... 

No Servers...

No Slackers...

No Texting... 

No Smoke Breaks... 

Just - Really Good Cooks... Cooking Great Food!

Chef Owned Restaurant:

Graze is owned by three great cooks who LOVE Great Food!

We are looking for other great cooks to join us in our quest for Culinary Excellence. 


We Do Take Out & Catering Only. No dine in... 

We believe Take Out and Catering is the new frontier of the culinary world.


Our goal is to become "The Go-To Place for Gourmet To-Go...

For groups from one to one thousand.

Graze Catering:
We have the honor of feeding the Iowa Hawkeye Football Team, these people can EAT... and they Love our food!  
If you are an Iowa Hawkeye fan and you Love to cook, this just might be the perfect gig for you! 


We also cater weddings and REALLY COOL events for People we Like... 


Here's the Point:

We LOVE to COOK and SERVE and EAT Great Food!

We built an Awesome Kitchen - instead of a fancy dining room we have Great Cooking Equipment and a Great Stereo System - so we can get our jam on - while we Cook... Great Food!

This is a Salary Position - $60,000 per year to start

Plus - Bonus

Plus - Health Insurance

And - Two Weeks+ Vacation Pay 

And - A Parking Pass 

And - Daily Family Meal

This wage is based on TALENT, SKILL and PERFORMANCE...  

Not Idle Chit Chat, Conjecture or BS... 

The ideal candidate should have most of the following credentials and experience:

  • Real Cooking Talent & Skill

  • Serious Work Ethic

  • Excellent Culinary Knowledge 

  • The Ability to Manage Yourself

  • Cost Management Acumen

  • 2 Years Professional Experience 

  • Associates Degree in Culinary Arts

  • Serve Safe Certificaton

  • 3 Excellent Professional References

  • Be Hungry, Humble and Smart

  • 50 Hour Per Week Availability

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Covid-19 Vaccine

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