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The Kitchen Team

We Pay: 

Good Cooks & Pizza Makers

$50,000 Per Year!

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We have TWOopportunities in our kitchen.


The first opportunity is for REALLY GOOD Cooks and Pizza Makers who have the TALENT and SKILL to hit the ground running... we are willing to pay - $20 - $25 per hour.



You will work four 10 hour days:

Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 8pm

(Sunday, Monday & Tuesday Off)


Here's The Math:

Wages = $20 x 40 hrs = $800

Tips = $4+ hr (avg) x 40 hrs = $160

Total = $960 week x 52 Weeks

   = $49,920 

To Make Pizza & Chicken Lips!


Opportunity for Overtime

Health Insurance

2 Weeks Vacation Pay

Free Covered Parking

The Second opportunity is for people who are just starting out...

We Have a Training Program for:

Good People Who Want To Learn Our Craft:

The Starting Wage for this position is:

$15 Per Hour

Plus Tips 

Plus Opportunity for Overtime 

Health Insurance

2 Weeks Vacation Pay

Covered Parking

As your skills improve - we will increase your hourly rate.

When you meet the standard - we will pay you - $20 per hr. 


The ideal candidate for both kitchen positions must:

  • Love Great Food & Drinks

  • Be Coachable

  • Be Mentally Tough

  • Work Hard

  • Tell the Truth

  • Have a Positive Attitude

  • Improve Daily

  • Be Availability ALL Four Shifts

  • 2 Excellent Professional References​

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Covid-19 Vaccine

  • Serve Safe Food Handlers Certificate (would be nice)


Graze is a merit based business. 
We reward our people based on TALENT & SKILL & PERFORMANCE... NOT - education, job history or BS. 

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