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Our Mission

We believe Take Out and To-Go food is the 

new frontier of the culinary arts.

Our goal is to be the best provider of take out and to-go food in the area. Our plan is to start small and add products and services as we grow... 

Most restaurants try to do both dine-in and take-out food at the same time, from the same kitchen.


We believe most restaurant food does not travel well, so it isn't very good by the time you get home. 




Peter Harman - The Food Guru

Is a 40+ Year Veteran of the restaurant and hotel industry. Peter spent 20 Years working in resort hotels in Southwest Florida as an Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director. In 1987 Peter received the title Certified Executive Chef  (C.E.C.)  by The American Culinary Federation. Peter is the President of Food Guru Management - a strategic restaurant consulting and development company. Peter is also the Founder of Martini's Grille in Burlington, Iowa. 


Kim Harman: 

Kim is our customer service expert. She started her restaurant career at Martini's Grille in Burlington, Iowa. Since then she has helped Peter open 10 different restaurants, in Iowa and Illinois. Kim is a farm girl from Winfield, Iowa and a trained Dental Hygenist. She worked at the University of Iowa Dental College for 15 years.

Evan Harman:

Evan grew up in the restaurant business. He is an excellent chef and beverage expert. Evan served in the United States Air Force, attended The United States Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and Napa, California.

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