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We Cater all types of Events

from  SIMPLE Office Celebrations & Team Meals

to UP-SCALE Weddings & Full Blown Shindigs.



and it's gotta be GREAT

Think Graze Gourmet To-Go!

The Chicken Lip Extravaganza

World Famous Chicken Lips (12).jpg

World Famous Chicken Lips 

(Budweiser Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing)

Mac & Cheese

Dim Sum Green Beans

Catering Price is $13 per person

You will get 3 Lips per person and a ton of each side. 

Don't Forget to Add a Pizza or Two...

Some groups add a second entree, salad and dessert 

see below...

This is our most popular package we highly recommend it for your first Graze catering experience... 


Dim Sum Green Beans_edited.jpg

Design Your Own Menu:


Chicken Lips

What is a Chicken Lip..?


Our World Famous Chicken Lips are boneless chicken breast rolled in flour and buttermilk, they are fried and tossed in Spicy Lip Sauce (think Buffalo) served with Homemade Budweiser Blue Cheese Dressing or Ranch if you prefer. 

We figure 3-4 lips per person depending on how much other stuff you are serving. 

Lips Rule!

MB Pizza.jpg

Graze Pizza

There is Pizza - then there is GRAZE Pizza!

Our New York Style Meatball Pizza is made with Evan's meatballs, ricotta, roast peppers and premium mozzarella.

finished with EVOO and fresh basil! 

We are on a quest to make Fabulous Pizza.

 It takes 5 days to make our pizza dough and NOBODY spends more money on their topping than we do.

Grilled Chicken Thigh.jpeg

Grilled Chicken

We LOVE Boneless Chicken Thighs because they taste great and stay moist and juicy for a long time which makes them perfect for catering. 

We serve it 3 ways:

Italian Style (basil, garlic marinade) our favorite

Moroccan Style (beer marinade = FABULOUS)

Simple Style (seasoned with salt & pepper)

Any way you choose - your team will LOVE you!

Chicken Parm.jpeg

Chicken Parm

Chicken breast, pounded thin and rolled in egg wash and seasoned Italian bread crumbs, cooked until golden brown and crispy, topped with marinara and mozzarella. 


We recommend two pieces per person.

* Don't forget to add a bottle of Lambrusco... 

Evan's Meatball Sliders (10).jpg

Evan's Meatballs!

Made with pork, beef and veal - plus a ton of Reggiano Parmigiano cheese. Evan's meatballs are baked to order, and topped with our house made marinara and Baccio Premium Mozzarella and baked to perfection then...

finished with more Reggiano Parmigiano and fresh basil.

These are the best meatballs we have ever eaten and we believe your family will love them too.


Don't forget the Lambrusco... 

Hawkeye Pasta.jpg

Baked Hawkeye Pasta

Our Baked pasta is made with an All-Star list of ingredients.

Italian Sausage made from Acorn Farms Pork,

Bellwether Farms Ricotta, Baccio Premium Mozzarella, 

Stainislaus 7/11 Ground Tomatoes and fresh basil. 

Tossed with elbow noodles and buried in More Mozzarella.

This simple pasta will make your family SMILE

and leftover pasta - is a beautiful thing.

The Men's Basketball Team - Crush this pasta... 

One Jumbo Baked Pasta serves 4-6 people. 


Bronzed Salmon

This is our favorite way to cook fish!


We dip it in butter and the season it with The Food Guru's Seafood Spice and sear it on a hot griddle to create a delicious crust... Wow!

Salmon is the #1 requested fish in America!

Shrimp Cock 4x4ps.jpg

Giant Shrimp Cocktail 

Whip This on your people and they will go Wild..!!


These are Colossal 14 count Shrimp served with Cocktail Sauce and Fresh Lemon.

Who said catering should only be sandwiches... 

This is The Way to Make a Big Statement..!!


Big Island Sliders

Spicy Chicken Burgers with Thai green curry, cilantro and soy sauce. Served on a Kings Hawaiian Slider Buns with mango mayo and Big Island Slaw - A Unique Graze Classic!


Note: These little burgers and spicy, but NOT hot.

Add a Side:

Mac & Cheese_edited.jpg

Mac & Cheese

Graze Mac & Cheese is made with Elbow Noodles and LOTS of cheese sauce. Our Cheese Sauce is made with Colby, Swiss, Cheddar and Parmesan Cheeses with lots of cream and spices.  The noodles are cooked and the sauce is added, right before you pick it up... 


Note: Some of our friends add Lip Sauce to their Mac... hmmm. 

One Jumbo Mac & Cheese feeds 8-10 people

Dim Sum Green Beans_edited.jpg

Dim Sum Green Beans

We start with FRESH green beans and flash fry them for 10 seconds until they just start to shrivel.  Then we toss them in our delicious Dim Sum Sauce, which is made with soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, green onions and sesame seeds. 

These green beans are so good - that even little kids LOVE them... It's a great way to get people to eat their veggies. 

One Jumbo Green Bean serves 8-10 people. 

Glazed Carrots.jpeg

Glazed Carrots

Fresh steamed carrots - Tossed in butter, honey and brown sugar and a dash of balsamic vinegar, finished with a pinch of salt and pepper - Delish!


Note: They will also help you see the ball better!

One Jumbo Glazed Carrot feeds 8-10 people

Fresh Broccoli.jpeg

Fresh Broccoli

The most NUTRIENT dense green vegetable!

 Steamed and lightly tossed with Extra Virgin olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper to bring out the flavor. 

We also offer Broccoli with Cheese Sauce.

One Jumbo Broccoli serves 8-10 people. 

Roast Cauliflower.webp

Roast Cauliflower

This is our favorite way to prepare cauliflower. 

We start by tossed it in extra virgin olive oil, and salt and pepper - then roasted it until it is golden brown and delicious!

Tastes like popcorn!

One Jumbo Roast Cauliflower serves 8-10 people. 

Mashed Potatoes.jpeg

Mashed Potatoes

This one is simple and delicious - we steam and mash jumbo Idaho potatoes with butter and cream and sour cream.


An Iowa Farm Girl Classic... 

One Jumbo Mashed Potato serves 8-10 people. 

Bowtie Marinara.jpeg

Pasta Marinara

Bow Tie Pasta cooked al dente and tossed inner  homemade marinara sauce. 


NO Dairy - No Meat in this one. 

One Pasta Marinara serves 8-10 people. 

Veg Rice Pilaf.jpg

Veggie Rice Pilaf

Long grain rice, red peppers, scallions, carrots, broccoli and garbanzo beans make this a great light for the Vegan and Vegetarians.


One Jumbo Rice serves 8-10 people. 

Add a Fresh Salad:

Green Salad.webp

The Green Salad

This salad is a fastball down the middle.

romaine lettuce and micro greens with tomatoes and cucumbers.  It is served with Ranch dressing. Simple.

Our jumbo salad serves 3-5 salad eaters.

If you are adding this to The Chicken Lip Extravaganza package we recommend - One jumbo package for each 15-20  people. 

The Graze Salad_edited.jpg

The Graze Salad

The Graze salad is made with fresh romaine lettuce and micro greens that we call "sexy" greens. Plus sweet grape tomatoes, hot house cucumbers, carrot, garbanzo beans and fabulous green Gordal olives, and Greek Kalamata olives.


We serve it with our home made Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing on the side.

Our jumbo salad serves 3-5 salad eaters.

If you are adding this to The Chicken Lip Extravaganza package we recommend - One jumbo package for each 15-20  people. 


Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine hearts, tossed with house made croutons and what we consider to be the best caesar dressing we have ever tasted. Then, finished with Parmigiano-Reggiano. 


This is our most popular salad among the young people. 

Our jumbo salad serves 3-5 salad eaters.

If you are adding this to The Chicken Lip Extravaganza package we recommend - One jumbo package for each 15-20  people. 

Sesame Ginger Salad.jpeg

Sesame Ginger Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce, micro greens, green and red cabbage, cucumber, carrot, scallions, mandarin oranges and fresh mint tossed in a refreshing sesame ginger dressing,  finished with toasted sesame seeds. 

Our jumbo salad serves 3-5 salad eaters.

If you are adding this to a menu as a side dish we recommend - One jumbo package for each 15-20  people. 



Quinoa, grape tomatoes cucumber and scallions

plus green gordal olives and black kalamata olives 

tossed with olive oil, lemon and fresh mint and parsley.  


If you are looking for something light and unique to add to your catering this just might be it. 

Perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

Our jumbo Tabouleh serves 3-5 salad eaters.

If you are adding this to a menu as a side dish we recommend - One jumbo package for each 15-20  people. 


Big Island Slaw

Big Island slaw is light and delicious..


It is made with green cabbage, red bell pepper, carrot, scallions, fresh cilantro, and mango mayonnaise.


You will love it!

Individual Dinners:

Ext for ONE.jpg

Chicken Lip Extravaganza
for ONE

Four Chicken Lips

Mac & Cheese

DimSum Green Beans

Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing


No Muss... No fuss...

The Perfect way to feed a team on the Go...

Chicken Thigh Dinner for ONE.jpg

Grilled Chicken
for ONE

Boneless Grilled Chicken Thigh

Mashed Potatoes or Rice Pilaf

Steamed Broccoli or Green Beans

Served with Secret Sauce 


Light & Healthy.

Don't Forget Dessert:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everybody LOVE'S Chocolate Chip Cookies...

And they will love YOU even more for thinking about their sweet tooth. 

The perfect thing for the "Cookie Monster" at your home or office... 


Hippy Cookies

Our home made Hippy Cookies are loaded with chocolate chips,  peanut butter chips, pecans, pretzel twists (yes you read that right) and shredded coconut. 


They are the perfect blend of  "Salty- Sweet"  and "Chewy-Crunchy".  


And - No... You don't have to be a Hippy to enjoy our Ganja Free Hippy Cookies... 


Creme Brûlée

America's Favorite Dessert!

French Vanilla Custard, torched right before you arrive. Light and delicious the perfect ending to the perfect meal.

You know they really, really want some... 



Our Simple and Delicious Chocolate Brownies are the perfect way to finish a meal

and say - Thank You!

The perfect dessert for the chocolate lovers in your group!

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